"At first when we dived in it was too cold but then we rolled in the warm sand and the second time it was like earth was hugging us."


Screen captured video edit process by Messoteric
Princess Bay with bella ♥

About three years ago I was working in this amazing place, with these amazing people. One of them was someone who totally understood where I was at musically and introduced me to the dopest shit. I always got to talking about music with him because I was so excited to meet someone in this new city who knew where I was coming from. 

After about a month we had this conversation:

me: “if you could bring anyone to play a show here, who would you bring”

[my simultaneous inner monolouge: “Shigeto shigeto shigeto shigeto”]

buddy: “Shigeto”

One of my favourite human interactions.

Two and a half years later, Shigeto came to play a show. I was asked to do visuals and almost wet my pants.

I didn’t get any video from the show, but here is a small clip of things  I worked on in after effects an fucked with live using resolume.

The base footage is mixture of original and archived material.

Ann Arbor part 3 & 4 by Shigeto is posted below, it’s so beautiful. I don’t really have words for how much I love his music, but you probably knew that already.